Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's Possible

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How many of us have started a diet, went strong for a week, and then suddenly found themselves at popeyes with a two piece and a side of fried okra? I know I have. (lol) How many of us regret that decision to eat something we shouldn't, and then we beat ourselves up for making a mistake? *raises hand* Well, I have news for you, mistakes come with the territory of being HUMAN. Fitness and healthy... living is challenging, you are bound to make a mistake at some point on your journey. The key is to not give up! Never, never, never let ONE mistake erase the whole week you've stuck to your goals. Recommit to your fitness goals, plan your meals, re-examine why you want to get fit, surround yourself with like minded people, and pray. Accept that you will make mistakes, and that from time to time you will falter.  I ask that you please remember this: there is a blessing in every lesson! Stay the on the path! You can do it. It's totally possible!

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