Friday, September 30, 2011

Got 15 minutes?

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 Got 15 minutes? GOOD! That's all you'll need to complete this time challenge! I'm switching it up, I'm doing new things, and , venturing out a bit; all because I don't want you guys to get bored.  Change is good right?  Instead of giving you a list of exercises to complete, in your own time. I'm giving you 15 minutes to complete as many rounds of 3 exercises as  you can.   I understand that people are of different levels of ability, so I included a beginner friendly circuit, so no excuses!  All I ask is that you just do your best and report back.  So pick your level, and  get right into it!  These are going to be simple exercises, but don't let that fool  you,  you'll get a good workout in! I think this time challenge will be the perfect compliment on the days that you do your longer cardio.

 All you need is an exercise mat, and a timer. I want you to set it for 15 minutes, when you're ready to begin, start the timer. Complete the exercises one after another,  for 1 round.  Complete as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes!  I'll include video's on the Quick Squats, Burpee's and Split Squats after the break! Make sure you post how many rounds you were able to complete on the fit chick page. Enjoy :)


Push ups 5
Quick Squats10
Jumping Jacks15


Pushups 10
Split Squats10 (per leg)


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

High Intensity Interval Training

Today I'm doing some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  If you haven't heard of HIIT, please educate yourself!  This has to be the BEST way to burn fat, and boost your metabolism. If you incorporate HIIT into your workouts you'll see some major payoffs. You'll loose weight faster, you'll be come stronger, your endurance will improve,  and you will turn your body into a fat burning furnace ,"HIIT has a direct impact on your resting metabolic rate (RMR), which is a measurement of how many calories your body burns while you are resting. In other words, HIIT significantly increases your metabolism. Compared to steady paced cardio, your body will burn more fat during a HIIT session and will continue burning at this high rate for up to 24 hours afterwards. So, in the hours following your workout, while you are watching your favorite reality television show, your body will still be in fat burning overdrive." Go to this link for more information on the many benefits of HIIT.  .

 HIIT can be done many ways. I think the most popular is the Sprint/Walk Interval.  What you do is Sprint for 30 seconds up to 2 minutes, and recover for half the time it took you to exert the energy. So if you sprint for 30 seconds walk/recover for 15 seconds. You'll be using the 2:1  ratio.  When you Sprint you should be giving it your all, on a scale of 1-10 you should be putting out at least a 7.  You want to do these intense intervals for a total of 15- 20 minutes. Go here for more examples of  a HIIT session:

Now that I got a little background on HIIT out of the way, lets get into it!  This routine is going to be intense!  It's short, and sweet, and gets right to the point!  The point being  RESULTS. Warm up for 5 minutes, you can jump rope, do jumping jacks, run in place, whatever gets the job done. I'm going to need your body to be nice and warm for this routine. ;)  Now if you are a beginner start off with: 30 seconds of work /15 seconds of rest intervals. Intermediate 45second/ 15 second  recovery intervals.   Advanced  60 second/ 20-30 second recovery. 
All you need for this is an interval timer, and an exercise mat.  Set your interval timer for 30seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest. You'll be performing this routine in circuit format, and you'll be doing this routine for a total of 3 circuits.  You should rest for 1 minute between circuits.  If you don't have an interval timer use a stop watch, or just watch the clock!  There will be video's on how to do these exercises after the breakdown. Enjoy!
Exercise Duration
Mountain Climbers30 seconds
Rest ( march in place, or not ) 15 seconds
Burpee’s30 seconds
Rest ( march in place, or not )15 seconds
Squat Jumps30 seconds
Rest ( march in place, or not )15 seconds
Pushups30 seconds
Rest ( march in place, or not) 15 seconds
Jumping Jack Squats30 seconds
Rest ( march in place, or not) 15 seconds
V-sit Crunch30 seconds
Rest ( march in place, or not )15 seconds
Full Plank Arm Raise30 seconds
Rest ( march in place, or not )15 seconds
Quick Squats30 seconds
Rest ( march in place, or not) 15 seconds

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Tummy Tuck

Time to tone that tummy! I've posted part of this workout before, so to some of you, it may look a little familiar. It was pretty good before, but I decided to make it a little more effective. Guys, I tried it and  I love it!   On paper it looks easy, but when you do it,  you see/understand just how effective this workout is. You'll be holding plank for about 12 minutes. Don't worry you won't really notice. ;) Its cardio, strength, and core all rolled into a beautiful ball I call the Tummy Tuck! lol  That's right keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket! No need for surgery! If you do this workout 3 times a week, along with a healthy diet, you'll see some major improvement in your abdominal strength and overall appearance.

For this workout all you need is an exercise mat, an interval timer, some water, and a towel.  Now if you don't have an interval timer, there is an app for android phones, called the HIIT interval timer, and it's free .  As you can see from the picture on the left you can set it for intervals of work and rest.  I love it!  Download that app! It's a must have. Now during this workout, I want you to be mindful of your core. I want you to engage your abs, remember to pull you belly button towards your spine, and don't forget to breath. Give it your all, do your best.  There will be video's on how to perform the exercises after the breakdown. Enjoy! =)

Set your interval timer for 2 interval's. The first interval will be 45 seconds and the second will be for 30 seconds. Set it for 4 rounds. If you do not have access to an interval timer. You can use a stop watch or just watch the clock. :) You will be performing these exercises in circuit format(one after another). There are three stations in this workout. For the third station you will not need your interval timer.
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Station 1

Spider Man Planks 45 seconds
 Plank Hold 30 seconds

Plank to pushup 45 seconds

Plank Hold for 30 seconds

Plank leg lift for 45 seconds

Plank hold for 30 seconds

Mountain Climbers for 45 seconds

Plank Hold for 30 seconds

Rest for 2 minutes and Repeat  ONLY if you are advanced, if you're a beginner proceed to the next station.

Station 2
Bicycle Crunches 45 seconds

Side Plank Hold (right) 30 seconds

Side Crunch (left side) 45 seconds

Side Plank Hold (left side) 30 seconds

Side Crunch (right side) 45 seconds

Side Plank Hold (right side) 30 seconds

Mason Twists 45 seconds

Side Plank Hold (left Side) 30 seconds

Rest for 2 minutes and Repeat ONLY if you are advanced if you're a beginner proceed to the next station.

Station 3
Leg raises 15 reps

Reverse Crunch 15 reps

Super Man's 15 reps

Reach Unders 15 reps per side

Rest for 1 minute and Repeat (beginners too)
Plank Hold 
Side Plank Hold 

 Spider Man Planks

Plank Leg Lift

Plank to Pushup

Mountain Climbers

Bicycle Crunches

Side Crunches

Mason Twist

Leg Raises

Reverse Crunch

Super Man's (Back Extensions)

Reach Unders

Monday, September 26, 2011

Look Good In Those Jeans

So, I asked what  body part you all wanted to focus on most, and most of you said the BOOTY! And I have to say, I'm not surprised.  What girl doesn't want a nice rear end, especially this time of year. Most people refer to this time of year as Autumn. I call it tight jeans and sexy boots season!  So while we're rocking our jeans this fall and winter why not make those jeans stand out with a little junk in that trunk? Sound good to you?  It definitely sounds good to me. So I put together a kick butt (haha)  routine that will get your booty in shape. So whether you want it smaller or bigger this is your routine. So get ready to get the your booty and thighs in sexy shape so you can slip on your  skinny jeans with your favorite stiletto's or sexy boots. I guarantee you'll feel this in your booty the next day!  If you don't, tell me I'll be sure to make it tougher  next time. *wink* Oh, and by the way I have another workout for the glutes, it's called the booty builder, check it out! So let get right into it, All you need is : an exercise mat, a jump rope, and some water near by.  Now if you don't have a jump rope you can mimic the action, or you can just do jumping jacks. =) Weights are optional. There will be video's  on how to perform the exercises after the breakdown, Enjoy!  Feedback is appreciated.

Station 1
  • Jump Rope  (1 minute) 
  • Side Skater Squats  right leg 20 reps  
  • Jump Rope (1 minute)
  • Side Skater Squats left leg 20 reps
  • Jump Rope ( 1 minute)
  • Sumo Squat Knee ups (20 reps)
  • Rest 1.5 minutes and Repeat

  Station 2

  • Quick Squats (20 reps)
  • Split Squats  right leg 15 reps per leg
  • Quick Squats (20 Reps)
  • Split Squats  left legs 15 reps per leg
  • Rest 1.5 minutes and Repeat

Station 3
  • Jump Squats 20 Reps
  • Spider Planks  ( 20 Reps)
  • Split Lunge Jumps 20 reps
  • Donkey Kicks ( 20 Reps per leg)
  • Plie' Jumps 20 reps
  • Inner Leg Raises 20 Reps per leg
  • Rest 1.5 Minutes  and Repeat

Side Skater Squats * in this video he brings his leg straight back, I'd prefer it if you bring your leg diagonally behind the stabilizing leg.  If this exercise is to difficult for you, put a chair in front of you and hold on to it for support.

Sumo Squat Knee Ups

Quick Squats * please be sure to keep your knees behind your toes when squatting.

                                           Split Squats

Jump Squats

Spider Planks

Split Lunge Jumps

Donkey Kicks

Plie' Jumps

Inner Leg Raises

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Brand New Mommy Workout

       One of my fit chicks, has a dilemma, I think most of us have it, or have gone through it.  Trying  to find time, stamina, and the space to workout after having a baby.  Another problem: she's not ready for cross fit style workouts just yet. So I made up a routine and I drew the inspiration from her. So that's why I call it Brand New Mommy workout!  If any of you find this routine helpful please add it to your own regimen, or share it with a new mommy you know. (sharing is caring awwwww)

This routine is really fun and targets alot of the trouble spots like  arm flab, which I affectionately refer to as my bat wings, it also target thighs, glutes, and the stomach.  All you need for this is an exercise mat, some dumbbells, and a timer preferably HIIT timer they have free HIIT interval timer app for free on droid and i-phones, or you can use your gymboss interval timer.  Have some water on standby. Enjoy!  Give me feedback! Y'all know I LOVE feed back!  :-) There are video's on how to do these exercises after the breakdown.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Butt Builder and Gutt Killer 345 rep Time Challenge

Hey Fit Squad here we go again! This time challenge isn't as brutal as last weeks time challenge, however, it's still challenging. I call this the Butt builder and Gut Killer time challenge.  It mostly focuses on the butt and the tummy , with a hint of shoulders, dash biceps, and pinch of chest! Sounds like I'm cooking up some trouble, eh?  Anyway, enough with the lame jokes! ( haha)  Lets get to it.  All you'll need is :  An exercise mat, a stop watch, nice cold water, and a towel near by. (weights are optional for the surrenders, and core twists)  What you're going to do is time yourself. I want you to see how long it takes you to complete the exercises. Record you time, and the next time you try this challenge you can try to beat your previous time. Feel free to  post your time on the blog, or the fit chick page. It's not about the fastest time. I don't want you to think that, It's about improvement. The more you do these time challenges the stronger you'll become. =)   I really love feedback, so let me know if you liked it, hated it, or, if could have been more challenging.   I'll post the how to video's for each exercise after the breakdown. Enjoy!

  • Pike Pushups 20 reps  (if you cannot do a pike pushup a regular pushup is fine)
  • Sumo Squat Knee ups 40 reps (alternating legs)
  • Plie' Jumping Jacks 20 reps  ( If this is to difficult 10 Jumping Jacks followed by 10 Squats will do)
  • Burpee to Squat 20 reps
  • Surrenders 20 reps  ( weights optional)
  • In and Outs 35 reps
  • Walking Planks 25 reps
  • Lunges with core twist 25 reps (weights optional)
  • Bridges with leg raises 25 reps per leg
  • Reptile Pushup 20 reps, * if you cannot do a full body pushup, do a spiderman plank instead.*
  • Reverse Crunch 50 reps
  • Superman's 30 reps

Pike Pushups

Sumo Squat Knee Ups

Plie' Jumping Jacks

Burpee to Squat


In and Outs

Walking Planks

Lunges with Core Twist

Bridges with Leg Raise

Reptile Pushup

Reverse Crunch


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Full Upper Body Workout

Here's a upper body workout for you! It's intense, but if you include this workout 3 times per week. You'll see results, and , im all about results! ;)  So lets get started! You'll need  a pair of dumbells, some water, and an exercise mat. You'll be performing each station in circuit format, once your done with the the first circuit you'll be performing it another time for a total of 2 circuits.  There are going to be Three Stations.   I'll include the video's on how to perform these exercises after the breakdown.  =) Enjoy, and subscribe to the blog for weekly workout routines. Comment's and feedback are welcome!

Station 1
 Bicep Curls 10 reps 
 Immediately follow with pushups for 10 reps  

Tricep kick backs, 10 reps
Immediately follow with chair dips  for 10 reps 

Lateral raise 10 reps 
Immediately follow  pike press' for 10 reps

Repeat station once more and then move on to the next station

Station 2
Chest Flys 10 reps
Immediately follow with pushups 10 reps

Dumbell Chest press 10 reps
Immediately follow with dumbell pushups w/ row 10 reps

Dumbell Back Rows 10 reps per arm
Immediately Follow with Supermans 10 reps

This completes station 2,  do this station once more.  Move on to station 3

Station 3
Reverse Crunch 20 reps
Immediately follow with plank hold 30 seconds

Leg Raises 20 reps
Immediately follow with plank hold 30 seconds

Mason Twists 30 reps
Immediately follow with side plank hold (right side) 30 seconds

Bicycle Crunch 20 reps
Immediately follow with side plank hold (left side) 30 seconds

This completes station 3, do it once more.

This is the end of the full  upperbody workout! I hope you liked it ;) 

Bicep curls

Tricep Kick Back

Chair Dips

Lateral Raise

Pike Press

Chest Fly's

Chest Dumbell Press

Dumbell pushup with back row


Reverse Crunch

Plank Hold

Leg Raises

Mason Twists

Bicycle Crunch

Side Plank Hold

Monday, September 19, 2011

Incline Walk, and Strength Training Workout.

Over to the left is a incline treadmill workout, I've posted this before but I wanted to include a little strength training for after the incline walk. This is a friendlier workout, not my usual brutality! I'll save that for Friday! *smiles*  After this incline walk you should have torched at least 250 calories. The base speed in the picture  is 3.0, but if you're strong enough crank it up anywhere between 3.5 - 4.0. !  Now after the incline walk, I want you to do some stretching, so you can get ready for the strength portion of the workout. Here's the Breakdown.  And, as usual weights are optional!
  • Lunges 15 reps 
  • Squats 20 reps
  • Bridge Leg Raises 15 reps per leg
  • Donkey Kicks 15 reps per leg
  • Surrenders 10 reps  
This completes the  strength circuit, after a rest I want you to  do this strength  circuit 2 more times!  This workout will really torch the fat and build those sexy calves, thighs, and glutes.  Remember to engage your abs throughout the entire workout.  Try it out,  let me know if you liked it! Y'all know I love feedback!  Below are videos on how to perform the exercises correctly.



Bridge Leg Raises

Donkey Leg Raises


Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to go from knowing that you have to exercise to doing it

I posted some advice from a fellow fitness nut, it said. "Isolate Your Weakness - If falling off the exercise wagon is a common occurrence for you, find out why. Do you not enjoy exercising? Is it a lack of time? Is it feeling self-conscious at the gym? Is it a lack of fitness know-how? As soon as you can isolate your weakness, you can make steps to improve the situation."  Then one of my fit chick's asked a question, her name is Vicki. Vicki wanted to know what do you do when it's all of the above? She said she know's that she needs  exercise, how does she go from knowing it, to doing it?  Very, very good question don't you think? How do you move to action? How do you motivate yourself when you don't enjoy it, you don't have time, and you feel self -conscious at the gym?

Don't Enjoy Exercise?

   It all starts with a decision, anything you really want to do, you do it, right? So how do you make exercising something you want to do? First thing, do some research. Find out the benefits of regular exercise. The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore!  For one, you live longer. A daily workout could add up to four years to your life expectancy.  Regular exercise combat's diseases and many health conditions such as high blood pressure, and heart disease.  It improves your mood, have you noticed that fit people are really happy, they're always smiling and optimistic that's because  physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that  leave you feeling happier and more relaxed. You may also feel better about your appearance and yourself when you exercise regularly, which can boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem. Exercise also boosts your energy! Exercises helps you to sleep better, and it puts sparks into your sex life (win). These are just a few of the benefit's of exercising. Type in 'benefit's of regular exercise activity' in your google search bar for more ways exercise can benefit you. 

    Another option is to read success stories from the millions of people who have literally changed their lives due to regular exercise. This is a great way to motivate yourself. Reading about other's accomplishment's allows you to see what it could be like. Reading about people who are just like you, knowing that they struggled, yo-yo dieted, failed, but kept trying!

  Seek out people who enjoy exercise, and ask them why they enjoy it so much.  Find a friend who like you, needs some motivation, discuss over lunch how you two can reach your goals together, make a commitment to not let each other down no matter what, and set out to smash those goals! Bottom line, If you know you should exercise, but you don't enjoy it, learn more about it so you can better understand it, then you might find that exercising ain't so bad after all! ;)

Finding Time To Exercise

   Finding time to exercise isn't hard as most people think. Contrary to popular belief exercising does not have to monopolize your whole entire day. In reality all you really need is 30 minutes of activity! Don't have 30 free minutes? How about 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening? Make exercise a non-negotiable part of your day. Make a commitment to do a 15 minute walk in the morning before you go to work, and after work hit the gym for a nice 15 minute elliptical session or incline walk on the treadmill. Before you know it you'll be figuring out ways to make time for exercise. One of my fit chick's  named Joann gave some great advice she said " For me I made small incremental steps. I bought my sneakers first then I made a walking play list. Then I mapped my distance and bought work out clothes. The day before I started, I went to bed early and laid out my shoes, clothes, iPod. Next morning got up and got out. I guess you could do this if you workout at night or go after work. Whatever you do just get started. I'm glad I did. Its been 2 months and it's a way of life."

Lack of fitness know how

   Don't know a thing about fitness? Research! Buy books, workout video's, or magazines. Hire a personal trainer, at the gym. Ask a fit friend to give you advice, there are many websites that are free that offer support. My personal favorite is , and of course my site  

  When reading magazines like shape and fitness don't believe that you have to be like those  fitness models, doing all those complicated exercises.You don't have to do that to look like them.  In fact many of them will tell you, I don't do those types of exercises, I just run and lift weights! Just get moving anyway you know how to. Dancing, walking, running, skipping, playing tag with the kids, swimming. Don't put yourself in a box. Don't think you have to exercise like someone else to get results, there are many path's to wellness, some path's are easier to follow for some people, but if you are like Vicki, you might have to figure out your own path, and blaze it for the other Vicki's out there.

Feeling self conscious 
  Feeling self conscious at the gym is a problem alot of people face, unnecessarily so too! Let me clue you in on something, no one cares. Really!  No one is scrutinizing you, you are the only one scrutinizing yourself. Everyone who goes to the gym on a regular basis is  usually so busy working out, they don't even have the time or energy to focus on you. Trust me. You are in the right place to get fit, and most people know that. It's huge misconception that the gym is only for 'fit people'  most 'fit people' used to be just like you ,and guess where they started? In the gym!  Don't let fear hold you back from being healthy!

    So, if you want to start your journey to healthy living, but lack the motivation  start small, don't jump in head first and try to; eat right, count calories, stop eating after 7pm, workout ,give up soda, and chocolate all at once, I promise you, you'll fail.  You'll wake up with a chocolate chip cookie in one hand and Cheeto's in the other wondering "what the hell?"   Try starting  small, I call it stack building goals. Make a commitment to drink nothing but water for the next week. Once that goal has been met, make another commitment.  Do not overwhelm yourself, ease yourself into healthy living, because it's a huge adjustment. Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint, or a race, slow steady endurance will get you there.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A fun way to spice up your treadmill routine.

Look at this guy! His face says it all!  LOL@ his super bored face, and his pensive stare into boredom land! I've been here! When I get bored in the gym, I think of ways to keep my routine fresh.  I find that varying up my workouts keeps me interested. Another win : it keeps my body guessing, which is great for plateau's and boosting your metabolism, and burning fat!  It's also fun, and challenging. When I'm tired of running on my treadmill for 45 minutes straight( yes even with my ipod banging  the latest ke$ha song).  I do this really cool and fun routine. It's a mixture of cardio, and strength training. If you notice, I'm all about that!  What you do is warm up for 5 minutes on the treadmill at a speed of  4.0.  After you're warm. Run for 5 minutes ( If you don't want to run walk 3.0  at a 15.0 incline) hop off the tread mill and do a strength exercise. Here's a break down of what I do! Enjoy ,and as always give me feed back  here on the blog or the fit chick facebook page.

  • Run for 5 minutes or walk on an incline for 5 minutes
  • Bridge leg raises 15 reps per leg
  • Run for 5 minutes or walk on an incline for 5 minutes
  • Push ups (modified or full bodied) 20 reps
  • Run for 5 minutes or walk on an incline for 5 minutes
  • Bicycle Crunches 20 Reps
  • Run for 5 minutes or walk on an incline for 5 minutes

This completes the circuit. I do this for a total of two circuits. Before you realize it you've ran for 40 minutes and probably covered 2 miles or more depending on your speed! Guess what else? You'll torch at least 300 calories! (win)  Here are some video's of the exercises =)

Bridge Leg Raises
*notice how slowly she raises and lowers her leg, this is exactly how it should be done! *

Push ups Modified and Full Bodied
Either way is fine, do what's best for you, if you can, start with full body, before doing the modified.

Bicycle Crunches
*I suggest 20 reps! But if you're strong enough double up!*


Ladies let's face it! If you are not genetically pre-disposed to having a kardashian booty, there aren't any amount of squats and lunges you can do to get it.  But!( pun intended)  There is a bright side: You can build YOUR best booty! You can sculpt, firm, tone, lift, build your way to better butt, a booty that fits your body type! Whether you're looking for a smaller rear end, or a bigger rear end this workout is perfect for that! Add ankle weights for even better results!

I want you to perform these exercises in circuit format,( one after another). There are 4 stations I want you to perform the 4 stations twice. I call this workout the Booty Builder. It's short but it's intense! All you'll need is your interval timer, a yoga mat, water, and ankle weights/weights are optional.

Set your Interval timer for 15 seconds rest; 45 seconds work; and 4 rounds. Here's the workout.

Station One

Squat Jumps  45 seconds
Rest 15 seconds
Super Skater Side Lunges (right leg) 45 seconds
Rest 15 seconds
Squat Jumps 45 seconds
Rest 15 seconds
Super Skater Side Lunges (left leg)45 seconds

*before moving on take a sip of water rest for 2 minute and proceed to the second station*

Station Two

Mountain Climbers 45 seconds
Rest 15 seconds
Donkey Kicks (right leg) 45 Seconds
Rest 15 seconds
Mountain Climbers 45 seconds
Rest 15 seconds
Donkey Kicks (left leg) 45 seconds

*rest for rest for 2 minutes and sip some water before moving on to station 3*

Station Three

Split Lunge Jumps 45 Seconds
Rest 15 Seconds
Reverse Lunge Kick ups (right leg) 45 seconds
Rest 15 seconds
Split Lunge Jumps 45 Seconds
Rest 15 seconds
Reverse Lunge Kick ups (left leg) 45 seconds

*Take a sip of water rest for rest 2 minutes before doing the final station*

Station Four

Sumo squat knee ups  45 Seconds
Rest 15 seconds
Side abductor leg raise (right leg) 45 seconds
Rest 15 seconds
Sumo squat knee ups 45 seconds
Rest 15 seconds
Side abductor leg raise ( left leg) 45 seconds

This the end, rest up for a couple of minutes. and then do it again! :)   If 2 circuit's is not enough  for you do 3 for a super set! But only if your hardcore! LOL  Here are some video's of how to do these exercises!

Squat Jumps

Super Skater Side Lunges:* in this video he brings his leg straight back, I'd prefer if you'd bring it diagonally behind the stabilizing leg. His way is fine too. If this is hard hold on to a chair while doing it. =)*

Mountain Climbers

Donkey Kicks

Split Lunge Jumps

Reverse Lunge Kick ups

Sumo Squat Knee ups

Side Abductor Leg Lifts