Friday, September 16, 2011

600 Reps the FAT SLAYER!!

Okay Fit Squad,  Here we go:  All you need is an exercise mat, and a stop watch. I want you to start the stop watch when you begin, stop it when you've completed all 600 reps. Record your time. If you choose to do it again, try to bet your previous time. Make sure you're warmed up before you begin and you'll probably need some water near by too! This is going to make you pour sweat! But you know what they say: sweat is fat crying!  That's why I call it the "Fat Slayer" workout! LOL

So, go hard! Be Strong and do you're best. It's not about beating everyone else it's about beating yourself. You are you're only competition! Make sure to post your times on the Fit chick Page GOOD LUCK

*If this is your first time doing the slayer, please do not overwhelm yourself.  This is alot of reps, I would suggest that you use the reps as a bench mark. Do each exercise until failure, if you can only do 10 pushups, don't worry, don't stress. If you can only do 3 burpee's that's fine, just make sure you're doing your best. I would suggest that you write down how many reps you can do, and then try it again next month, to see if you progressed. 

1. Super Skater Squats :  25 reps per leg
He brings his leg straight back, I'd prefer if you would bring your leg diagonally behind the stabalizing leg.

2. Pushups for 50 reps, I think we all know how to do pushups. Full bodied is perfered, but if it's to hard modified pushups are fine!

3. Reverse Lunge Kickups  25 reps  per leg.

4. Side Arm Tricep Pushups 25 reps per arm.

5. Squat Jumps 40 reps:

6. Plank pushups 40 reps

7. Burpee's 30 reps

8. Reverse Crunch 50 reps

9. Side Plank Reach Unders: 25 reps per side

10. Mason Twists 50 reps

11. Side Crunches 50 per side

12. Mountain Climbers 50 reps

13. Leg Raises 50 reps

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