Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Activate Your Beast Mode Workout!

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Hello fitnation! I'm back with yet another workout.  I hope you all enjoyed the feeling feirce workout, I know I did! It was tougher than it looked on paper, thats for sure!  This new workout is a BEAST!  Hence the name "Beast Mode" You'll be doing 3-5 rounds depending on your fitness level. This workout really targets your abs/core! You should be feeling the after effects of this one the next day! Tip: when doing ab exercises DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH!   For added muscle recruitment, exhaling forcefully as you exert, even pausing for a moment at the top of the sit-up, involves maximal abdominal muscle fiber involvement as they contract to help the lungs expel the air.

Read more on proper breathing techniques during ab work here:
Now let's get to the workout!

Beast Mode can be done in 3 to 5 rounds depending on your fitness level. These exercises are to be performed in circuit format (meaning one after another)  Equipment needed: NONE. Unless you have a jumprope for the 1 minute of high knees.

The workout

180 degree burpees  10 reps

Alternating Knee to Elbow touches  20 reps 

Santana Pushups 10 reps

Jacknife with medicine ball/weights or without 20 reps

Jump Rope/ High Knee running in place/ Jumping Jacks  (you pick)  do this for 1 to 2 minutes. 
Beginners 1 minute  Advanced 2 minutes
Take a sip of water and repeat 2-4 more times!

How to perform these exercises:

180 degree burpee's

Alternating knee to elbow

Santana Push ups


High Knees


  1. Great workout! Thank you so much for the awesome set up and instructions! Way to get it out there! I'll be sharing this!