Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Wet T-Shirt

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     This workout is hardcore.  I did this workout yesterday, and my body still aches!  I did 3 rounds and my shirt looked like I had taken a dip in the pool of sweat and awesomeness.  It was by far the most challenging workout I've done in awhile.    I love a challenge, and I know you do to so that's why I present to you the " WET T-SHIRT!" Whoop!! Oh yeah baby your T-Shirt will be dripping wet with sweat and awesome sauce after this one. If it isn't your either not putting out enough, or you are seriously dehydrated!
This has to be one of  the most epic workout's I ever constructed.   I pushed myself to the max, I wanted to quit so many times, but i didn't!  It was a battle, but I finished 3 rounds before I tapped out. I went in with the intention to do 4 rounds, but I just couldn't. My body hit a wall, I was seriously fatigued! After I finished I felt like I conquered Mount Everest!  This is definitely a toughie, I could have made it easier, but  then you'll get bored,  fit chicks need something to work towards, right!? So, If you are only able to complete 1 round or even half a round, don't get frustrated, get focused, you now have a goal to work towards.

Here's some tips for you.

1.)You'll be doing at least 50 bicep curls per arm. If you curl 20's I suggest you take it down to 5's or 8's.  What ever you usually curl, lessen it. 25 reps is alot, so a lighter weight is what I'd suggest. 

2.) On the single leg squats you can opt to do it without the stepper, I prefer it that way, my husband however likes doing it with the stepper.

3.) Listen to your body, if at anytime you feel fatigued, dizzy, or sick, stop!
HYDRATE !HYDRATE! HYDRATE! Before you do this workout, you'll need it!

Warm up and stretch before this workout,  Cool down and stretch after.
Don't do this workout everyday.

You can do this with just your body weight if you choose, and you can do 10 reps per exercise if you are a beginner.

You can do this workout with your HIIT timer instead of counting out reps, feel free to set it to  45 seconds per exercise/ with a 15 second rest interval.
If you don't have a stepper, you can use stairs, a sturdy chair or table,  bench, tool box, or a foot locker, be creative!
If you don't have free weights, or a kettle belt. You can use a duffel bag, or a sturdy back pack full of can goods.  Again, be creative.

Here's the workout, there will be video's after the breakdown. Enjoy!

25 single arm bicep curls w/ single leg step ups ( you can use a chair, stairs, table, bench, toolbox, be creative!) you'll step up and curl the dumbell's 25 reps per arm/per leg.

25 split squat lunges (with or without stepper) while squatting... do overhead tricep extensions. 25 squats per leg.

15 burpee's

25 plank to pushup

25 kettle belt swings ( you can use, dumbells as well)

*Repeat 2-4 times depending on your fitness level!*

******This is a single leg step up, do this with one dumbell in your hand and curl the dumbell as you raise your knee. Repeat on the other leg and arm. *************

Split Squat (Lunge) with tricep extension


Plank to pushup

Kettle Belt Swings

Friday, December 16, 2011

Booty Builder II

I'm back! Did you miss my workouts? Hope so! I've come up with a new one for the legs and booty! This one is even awesomer (is that even a word?) than the last butt builder.  I did this workout out with my incline walk workout (click here) for the incline workout.  It was crazy good, and brutal! Just like I like it. ;)   So let's jump right into it. 

Do 2-4 rounds depending on your fitness level.  If you're new to this type of workout, definitely ONLY do 2 rounds.  Weights are optional however I suggest you add some weight to it. There will be video's on how to perform each exercise after the breakdown.