Thursday, October 27, 2011

Add Some Weight to it!

Here's a new workout for you all.  I would recommend that you use weights for some these exercises to make them more impactful, but you can opt to do these without weights, it'll still be awesome!    I'll be incorporating this workout into my weekly regimen starting in November for 30 days. I love to switch it up! I did this workout as a test run, and my glutes are screaming at me right now. Those weighted donkey kicks really do the trick. Okay enough with the chit chat, lets get into it.  I use my GYMBOSS interval timer. I set it for 2 intervals the first for 45 seconds and the next interval for 15 seconds. You'll do this circuit twice. If you don't have an interval timer you can use a stop watch, or just watch the clock.  Whatever you use, you'll be  doing 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds for rest. 

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Weighted Squats w/ calf raises
  • Lunges... with core twists  (with weights)
  • Spider Man Pushups
  • In and Outs
  • Squat Jumps (with a medicine ball or weights)
  • Sumo Squats knee ups (with dumbell or medicine ball)
  • Bridge Leg Raises (45 seconds per leg)
  • Pushups
  • Hip abductors 45 seconds per leg  (with weight placed on hip)
  • Wall Squat Hold (with weights)
  • Surrenders (with weights)
  • Burpees
  • Donkey Kicks (weighted) 45 seconds per leg
  • Repeat 2-3 times depending on your fitness level

Mountain Climbers
Weighted Squats w/ Calf Raises
Lunges with core twist
Spiderman Pushups (modified)

Spider Man Pushup (advanced)

In and outs
Squat Jumps
Sumo Squat Knee Ups
Bridge Leg Raises
Hip Abductors

Wall Squat Hold



Donkey Kicks

Friday, October 21, 2011

KickBoxing Time Challenge

Friday! Yes!! TGIF! I'm so excited about this week ending. Alot of you had a tough week, so did I.  It must be something in the air. I've had this feeling of being fed up. I don't know why I'm so angry, I just want to scream! So I'm channeling my aggressive feelings, with some punching and kicking! Kickboxing time challenge anyone? Anyone?.... Oh yeah! Let's kick some imaginary butt today! I want you to imagine someone you really want to punch in the face, someone who gets under your skin,  ex boyfriend, baby daddy, crazy co-worker, psycho boss, or just a random douche bag that may have cut you off in traffic this week?  That happened to me on Wednesday, and I have a mental APB out for a red Datsun pickup truck with a don't mess with Texas bumper sticker on the rear fender. I didn't get the whole license plate but I got the last 2 digits, when I see him he has a mean fist shaking coming his way, until then I'll imagine him and his dusty truck while I'm punching and kicking my aggression away!   First thing, please warm up before you do this workout, I'll post a warm up video for you!  Next perform these moves with power, and ferocity, remember: we're kicking ass today! Now Get your stop watch and jump right into it! Enjoy! Post your time on the  FitChick Facebook Page.
                                                             WARM UP
Reverse Lunge Kickups 25 per leg
front kick w/ jumping jack 50 reps alternating
Jab/ Uppercut combo 50 alternating
Front kick back Kick 50 alternating
Knee Strikes 50 per leg
Jab/ Cross/ Uppercut/ duck 50 alternating
Low to High Side Kicks 25 per leg
Squat to Upper Cut 50 reps per arm 
1-2 punch  Kick50 reps alternating

  Reverse Lunge Kickups

Front Kick with Jumping Jack

Jab Uppercut Combo

Fronk Kick/ Back Kick

Knee Strikes

Jab/Cross/Upppercut/Duck/Uppercut  combo

Low to High Side Kicks

Squat to Uppercut

1-2 punch / Kick

Monday, October 17, 2011

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Fat Burnin' Furnace! Time Challenge

Its Friday!! So you know what that means? Friday's time challenge is here! Are you excited? Or Scared? haha!  I'm a little of both.  I make these time challenges up in my twisted mind, and I do my little evil laugh, thinking of the torture I'm about to unleash! Then I realize, hey I gotta do this too! YIKES! So, basically, I end up  kicking  my own ass with these time challenges. So as you are doing my time challenges cursing me out under your breath, calling me a wicked sadistic skinny witch, take comfort in knowing, I do these challenges too, and, they are brutal to me as well, but you know what?  I see results with these mini torture sessions  So I grit my teeth and push through!  =)This workout will turn your body into a furnace, and burn lot's of fat! You'll be working for 15 minutes and then you'll be done! (win)  It's 4 exercises.  Set your watch to countdown from 15:00, and do as many rounds of the following exercises as you can.  Post how many rounds you were able to complete on the blog or on the Fitchick Facebook Page . There are video's on how to perform the exercises after the breakdown. Enjoy!
  1. Burpee's  5 reps ( I took it easy on you with the reps, see I do care! Aww!)
  2. Pushups  10 reps
  3. Squats  15 reps
  4. Leg raises 20 reps

Monday, October 10, 2011

Living the Dream.

My dream last night:  On a brisk autumn morning I was taking a walk with my husband through central park ( I actually live in Texas) I had on some skinny jeans, some Loubotin's, a cream colored tank and a fierce navy blue blazer, complete with a super cute clutch, a chunky ring, and pearls. All of a sudden, I saw a hill!  I ripped off my clothes to reveal a sexy workout ensemble. I still had on my pearls! (lol)  I ran up a hill like a gazelle, with long strides, calves and quads bulging looking strong and graceful like Florence Joyner. I got to the top of the hill and not a hair was out of place. My makeup: FLAWLESS! My perky full breasts were heaving and damn near spilling out of my super sexy Nike sports bra, running up that hill was strenuous work! With a smirk on my lips and a determined arch in my brow, I  dropped down did 10 pushups... rolled over- BAM- did 10 leg raises, rolled over- POW- did 10 burpee's. Got back up looking--  yes you guessed it... FLAWLESS! I trotted down the hill like a unicorn, my husband looked at me in awe , dropped to his knees to worship me cause I was his GODDESS! I looked down on my husband, and with a  perfectly manicured finger I tilted his chin  upward and said with the sexiest angelina jolie voice ever " worship me later, I have work to do."  I then repeated it 5 more times!  Three things I got from this dream: 1.) I'm obsessed with fitness cause burpees stalk me in my sleep, GOD I loathe burpee's!   2.) I'm delusional, my breast haven't been perky since 1999 and 3 kids ago.   3.) this is a kick ass workout!  OMG! I woke up and with a fire under my butt,  and I kid you not, with one finger in the air I yelled out eureka!  I haven't tried this workout yet, so this is blind faith! As soon as I hit publish button for this blog posting, I am on my way to do it.  I have the perfect hill to implement this workout it's located on a military base! It's a majorly steep hill! Woot!! I'm ready!  If you don't have a hill, you can do mountain climbers, run up some stairs, or use a treadmill. There are video's on Leg raises, and burpee's down below.

Recap of what you do :

  • Run uphill  ( if you are doing mountain climbers do it for 45 seconds) ( Treadmill: 1 minute on a incline)
  • Pushups  10 reps  Roll over
  • Leg raises  10 reps  Roll over
  • Burpees  10 reps  
  • Repeat ___ x's  Rest in between sets!

*I'm doing it 5 times to start with ,depending on how my body feels' I'll do more, remember this is blind faith, we're all experimenting together.. try it out and let me know how many circuits you were able to complete*

Leg Raises


Friday, October 7, 2011

The Lady Spartan (Time Challenge)

Our sister in fitness Get-Fit-Naturally, posts some pretty awesome workouts. I've done a few and let me tell you, they kick your butt. ( in a good way) ;)   So I'm drawing inspiration from Get-Fit-Naturally, and I'm Sprinkling a little fit chick on it, I'm stirring it up.. and what came out the oven is "THE LADY SPARTAN." oorah!  This is going to be 300 reps, you know like the movie 300? When I think about that movie, I think about abs.. lol and a few other things (hubba hubba).  So this is going to be a cardio and abs time challenge. When your done with this time challenge, you MUST  yell " THIS IS SPARTA!" and then kick an imaginary Persian into a lion filled pit.  Okay?! lol  Seriously you don't have to, but I strongly advise it!

Now what you're going to do is Start you stop watch when you're ready to begin, then stop it when you're done. After that record your time, and post it on the fit chick facebook page. It's not a competition between the other fit chicks, it's a competition with yourself.  After a month or so I want you to go back and do it again, and try to beat your previous time! There will be video's on how to perform each exercise after the break down. Enjoy! Give it your all lady spartan! ;)

Mountain Climbers30
Leg raises30
Squat Jumps30
Bicycle Crunches30
Jumping Jacks30
Reverse Crunch30
Mason Twists30
Samurai Squat Switches30
Yell “This Is Sparta!” And you’re done! *smiles*
Mountain Climbers

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Squat and Lunge Party!

Throw your hands up! Wave 'em to side to side!  It's a squat 'n lunge party yall! ♫ Go squats/ Go Lunges/ Go Girl/ Do crunches/ Squat Low/ Feel the Burn/ That butt you want/ is earned! ♫    Okay, okay enough with the lame rapping! Let me take off my saggin jeans and gold chain, and get into my workout gear!(haha)

    Ladies, this workout is nothing but lunges and squats... We're going to sculpt our legs, thighs, and glutes into shape!   So if you're here consider yourself R.S.V.P'ed  to my partay! wooohoo! Now were doing 5 different lunges and 5 different squats,  I have two variations. The first is a minute of jump rope between each strength exercise, the second is without the jump rope.  Pick either. I'm doing the the jump rope routine, cause I love mixing cardio and strength. 2 birds 1 stone! (win). You can also time this two ways. You can use your interval timer OR you can do 10 reps for each exercise. 

 If you are using the interval timer set it for two intervals  the first will be for 60 seconds, and the second interval  will be for 30 seconds, and  then set it for 5 rounds.  

If you are watching the clock  jump rope for a minute and then follow up with 10 reps of the strength exercise.   

If you are NOT using a jump rope  just count out 10 reps for each exercise. On the exercises that isolate a leg,  do 10 reps per leg. M'kay! Got it? Good!  Here's the breakdown, and as always there will be video's on how to perform each exercise after the breakdown. Enjoy!

Jump Rope and Strength Breakdown

*No jump rope? Do jumping jacks instead!*
Jump Rope60 seconds
Alternating Side Lunges 30 seconds
Jump Rope 60 seconds
Reverse Lunges30 seconds
Jump Rope 60 seconds
Split Squat Lunges (right leg)30 seconds
Jump Rope60 seconds
Split Squat Lunges (left leg)30 seconds
Jump Rope 60 seconds
Alternating Lunges 30 seconds
Rest for 3 minutes, Repeat if you are advanced. If not proceed to the squat party!
Jump Rope 60 seconds
Sumo Squat Knee Ups (alternating)30 seconds
Jump Rope 60 seconds
Front squat kick ups (right leg)30 seconds
Jump Rope 60 seconds
Front squat kick up (left leg)30 seconds
Jump Rope 60 seconds
Plie’ Squats 30 seconds
Jump Rope 60 seconds
Prisoner Squat30 seconds
Rest for 3 minutes, Repeat if you are advanced. If not praise the lord you’re done! J

 Just the lunges and squats

Alternating side lunges 10 reps alternating
Reverse lunges 10 per leg
Split Squat Lunges 10 per leg
Alternating Lunges 10 per leg alternating
Rest and repeat
Sumo squat knee ups10 per leg, alternating
Front squat kick ups10 per leg, alternating
Plie’ squat10 reps
Prisoner squat10 reps
Rest and Repeat

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Full Body Builder

This is an oldie but a goodie! I created this workout about a year ago, and I've gotten alot of positive feedback from my friends and family about this masterpiece I call Full Body Builder. So being the sweetheart I am (smiles)  I thought I'd share it with my Fit Squad Family! This workout is amazing! It's one of my favorites It's intense but  it's pretty tame in comparison to lets say the 600 Rep Fat Slayer Time Challenge. So If you got through that alive, you'll make it through this without any problems. I'm doing the Full Body Builder  workout today along with this running interval workout for the tread mill you see pictured below.  If you love to run, this is for you! You will cover about 4 miles, in about 41 minutes. This interval run regimen will improve your endurance, and kick that metabolism into high gear! I'm doing both workouts today because I'm nuts. You can opt to do either the Full Body Builder, or just the Interval Run Regimen. It's up to you.  *the base speed is 6.0, you can change it to 5.0 if you'd like and make adjustments accordingly*

Interval Workout for the Tread Mill

Cool Down


The Full Body Builder  workout is only 15 minutes long! ( WIN)  You'll be using a interval timer and an exercise mat. Set your Interval Timer for two intervals. The first interval will be for 30 seconds and the second interval will be your rest interval , and you'll set that for 10 seconds. Set it for 11 rounds. You'll be doing these exercises one after another once you've completed all the exercises on the chart that will be one circuit, you'll be  performing a total of  3 circuits. *If you don't have an interval timer you can use a stop watch or just watch the clock.  Here is the Breakdown, there will be video's on how to perform the exercises! Enjoy!

Full Body Builder
Pushups (modified is okay ) 30 seconds
Rest10 seconds
Squat Jumps ( regular squats are okay)30 seconds
Rest10 seconds
Mountain Climbers30 seconds
Rest10 seconds
Plank Hold30 seconds
Rest10 seconds
Side Plank Hold (right)30 seconds
Rest10 seconds
Side Plank Hold (left)30 seconds
Rest10 seconds
Lunges with core twist 30 seconds
Rest 10 seconds
Burpee’s (modified is okay)30 seconds
Rest10 seconds
Bicycle Crunches 30 seconds
Rest10 seconds
Push Planks30 seconds

Rest10 seconds