Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Plateau's Suck!

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Plateau's suck dont they? I've hit 3 during my weight loss journey. I've gotten on the scale and I have literally wanted to hurl it out the bathroom window. I've had a love hate relationship with my scale for a little over one year. So last year I did some research and I've learned that plateau's aren't necessarily a bad thing, there is a positive side to it. Usually when you hit a plateau it mean...s that you're metabolism has slowed and you need to "rev" it up to continue fat burn. Tweek your diet, eating more is usually what you need to do, eat 6 small meals a a day, up the fiber, and lean protein intake. Now here's the kicker, your excersise regimine needs to get harder. Your body has gotten comfy with your humdrum 30 minutes of speed walking, your body is letting you know:" push me harder I'm used to this!" You're doing bicep curls with 5lbs? Time to start curling 8's. Your body is letting you know: "Im stronger!" That's what we all want right? Stronger, healthier bodies. So don't let the plateau's get you down, it's a sure sign you're ready to move to you next level of fitness on your weightloss journey!

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