Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bicep/Tricep Workout

Here's my brand spanking NEW bicep/triceps workout. Whether you are a gym goer or you workout at home, this is your workout!

I'm currently constructing a 4 week challenge, this workout will be included, so get acquainted with this one. 

Choosing your weight: I always advise to "lift heavy" what I mean by lifting heavy is whatever your heavy is. My heavy for bicep curls is 25lbs... A friend of mine 15lbs.  Lifting heavy will not make you bulky it will actually lean you out. You have to want to be bulky to get bulky. Wanting it means taking the necessary supplements to achieve the 'bulky look' . If you're still afraid of lifting heavy, its okay. Do low weights high reps. Lift those weights until you feel that 'burn' your results will happen,  but not as efficiently.  Here's a very informative video on  lifting heavy vs lifting light. Please, watch this before picking your weight.

I created this workout to be done in super sets.  A super set is performed when two different exercises are performed in a row without stopping.  Example:  hammer curls/tricep kick backs  would be one set. You will perform this set for  10-12 reps each or until failure depending on your weight amount.  You will perform this superset 3 times through.  Hope that made sense! ;)   After you have completed this strength training workout do some cardio.  You can do the elliptical machine, jog, or do one of my treadmill workouts.  One of my fave's is the incline walk workout (click here to see that) BUT! I only want you to  do the incline workout not the strength training portion.  Or you can do this one:  the interval running regimen for the tread mill (click here  to see that) again, I only  want you to do the running regimen, do NOT do the other routine.

*This workout is to be performed in super sets.  Do 3 sets of each superset lift 10-12 reps or until failure.  Except the 21's. You'll do 3 sets of the 21's  but 21 reps each set.

*Warm up by doing so arm curls with a light weight to get those muscles nice and warm and begin!
*Rest in between sets.  If you are a beginner do 60 seconds of rest. If you're a more experienced lifter 30 seconds is fine.

As usual I will have video's on how to properly perform each exercise. If you are an in-experienced lifter please do not do these exercises without watching the video. 

Here's the workout

Warmup: bicep curls with a barbell (light weight) or hand weights  2 sets 15-20 reps

 Hammer Curls/ Tricep Kick Back   3 sets 10-12 reps

Bicep curls/ Tricep Bench Dips 3 sets 10-12 reps

21's (lighter weight)/ tricep press  3 sets  and only do 10-12 reps for the tricep press

Concentration Curl/ Laying tricep extensions 3 sets 10-12 reps

How to perform these exercises:

Hammer Curls

Tricep Kick backs

Bicep Curls

Bench Dips


Tricep Press

Concentration Curls

Laying Tricep Extensions



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