Friday, January 6, 2012

Show Me Whatcha Got

I'm bringing back the the Friday time challenges! It's Showtime baby!!Whoop Whoop! I'm so excited, we used to have so much fun doing these back in the beginning when I only had like 100 "fit chicks" on my Fit squad! Now we're over 2000 strong, so this should be really interesting. This workout is 535 reps.   It targets the whole body, however, there is a fair amount of exercises that focuses on those arms. Can you say trouble spot!? Man-o-Man, the arms has to be one of the most complained about area for women, don't you just hate those "flaps"? I call those flaps of fat at the bottom of our arms bat wings. One my fit chicks calls them bingo wings! ( hilarity)  Whatever you call them... lets get rid of them. Summer will be here before you know it, and we all want sexy, lean arms; so we can be fierce in our tanks and sundresses. ;) 

  Let's get to it!  When you are ready to begin start your timer. The list of exercises will be performed in circuit format. Complete the said amount of reps before moving on to the next.  This is not a competition with the other fit chicks this is a competition with yourself, cause, after all you are your only competition. *smiles*  Record your time when your done, and if you choose, share it. You can do so on either this blog posting in the comment section, or the Fit Chicks  facebook page.  There will be video's after the breakdown. Enjoy and Show Me Watcha Got!

*Warm up by marching at a fast arm pumping pace.  Once your body feels warm. Begin.
* Take breaks as needed, don't fly through the reps for the sake of a quick time, quality over quantity!

* Listen to your body, there is a difference between feeling the burn, and feeling pain!
*Wear good sneakers
*Sip water throughout the workout
*Do YOUR best.

  • One arm Tricep Pushups  20 reps per arm
  • Split Squat Lunge  30 per leg
  •  Burpees 20  reps
  • Arm Circles 75  reps
  • Single Leg Step Ups 30 per leg  ( bench, stepper, table,  chairs, stairs, box, whatever gets the job done)
  • Straight Leg raises  30 reps
  • Pushups  30 reps
  • Triceps Chair Dips   30 reps
  • Push Planks 30 reps
  • Reverse Lunge Kickups  30 per leg
  • Mountain Climbers 50 Reps
  • Squats  50 reps

One arm tricep pushups

Split Squat Lunge


Arm Circles

Single Leg Step-Ups

Straight Leg Raises


Tricep Chair Dip

Push Planks

Reverse Lunge Kick Ups

Moutain Climbers


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