Monday, August 6, 2012

Goin' for the Gold

Hey! How ya been Fit Squad!?  I see I have some new subscribers! Welcome to the family new ones! I have a brand spankin' new workout for you to try!  Like most of the world I have been glued to my TV watching the phenomenal athletes at the Summer Olympics hosted in London! Being the fit chick  I am- I am amazed at the bodies of  these athletes more so than the actual sport they play. So of course I just had to know what these athletes did to be in such superb condition.  I did some research and I have compiled a list of exercises these athletes do to stay in competition ready shape. From this list I constructed a quick but effective workout! I hope you're ready! This workout is a plyo routine so have some good sneakers and water handy! I am and so excited for you to try it! Let's train like we're going for gold!!

I usually don't create workouts that require equipment, but for this workout you'll need a pull up bar!You can purchase one (here) if you don't have one.  They hang over your door and you can use a chair to assist you.  If you want, you can do this as a HIIT routine instead set your intervals and do as many reps as possible in the allotted time.

Here's the workout:

Beginners do three rounds

Intermediate do four rounds

Advanced do five rounds

Pullups 8 reps  ( don't have a pullup bar? Replace with crab toe touches click here to see that video)

Ski Jumps  15 Reps  *with or without a box, if you don't have a box use a duffel bag*

Santana Pushups 10 reps

Box Jump Burpees 5 Reps

Dumbbell seated row 20 reps ( light weigh)

Skater Plyos 20 reps



Ski Jumps

Santana Pushups

Burpee Box Jumps
Seated dumbell rows
Skater Plyos


  1. Cool workout. I'm pregnant right now, so I can't do them all. But I will certainly try the ones I can accomplish.
    Mom Fitness Journal

  2. Love Santana Push Ups!! Great workout!

    1. I love them and hate a little bit too! lol