Sunday, November 11, 2012

High Intensity Interval Training: Go Hard or Go Home II

Hello Fit Chicks! Hello Hiit Squadtv! Some of you may be wondering, who and what is Hiit Squad Tv?? Well Hiit Squadtv is our new YouTube channel! I wanted to name it fit chicks, but the name and all its variations were taken ( insert boos and hisses here)  Don't worry I (Shara) will always go hard for my fit chicks, we'll have this blog, our facebook fan page, and our website. But our YouTube channel will be called something different.  Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel ( click here for that) for weekly free workouts. The first video was posted today, it features a handsome and fit Marine Corps Sergeant named Aaron. Check out the video  Below.

Pretty damn intense right?   Here's the breakdown.

This routine has only 3 exercises.  All 3 exercises is one complete circuit.  Intermediate Fit Chicks you will be doing this for a total of 4 circuits. Beginner fit chicks do 3 circuits.  Bad asses: 5 or more.

This is High Intensity Interval Training.  You will be doing 60 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest.  At the end of each circuit take a 2 minute break before starting again. If you are an advanced you can take shorter breaks.  

If 60 seconds is a bit much for you at this time, you can lower the intervals to suit your fitness level.  As long as the ratio is 2:1.  

Here is the list of exercises:

1. Box Jump Burpees ( you can use a bench, a sturdy chair or stool, stairs, or just do regular burpees)

How to do a burpee:
2.  Squat Touch Downs.  If this exercise is to strenuous for you. Do normal air squats. 
How to do an air squat:

3. Squat Pulse to Jump Tuck.  You will do 5 squat pulses, place your kettle bell down and do 1 jump tuck.  The kettle bell is optional.  You can do this with just your body weight.  If the Jump tuck is too much just do a jump.  If that is to much just do 10 squat pulses.
How to do a squat pulse


This will conclude the workout! Enjoy! Let me know how you did. 

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