Sunday, October 2, 2011

Full Body Builder

This is an oldie but a goodie! I created this workout about a year ago, and I've gotten alot of positive feedback from my friends and family about this masterpiece I call Full Body Builder. So being the sweetheart I am (smiles)  I thought I'd share it with my Fit Squad Family! This workout is amazing! It's one of my favorites It's intense but  it's pretty tame in comparison to lets say the 600 Rep Fat Slayer Time Challenge. So If you got through that alive, you'll make it through this without any problems. I'm doing the Full Body Builder  workout today along with this running interval workout for the tread mill you see pictured below.  If you love to run, this is for you! You will cover about 4 miles, in about 41 minutes. This interval run regimen will improve your endurance, and kick that metabolism into high gear! I'm doing both workouts today because I'm nuts. You can opt to do either the Full Body Builder, or just the Interval Run Regimen. It's up to you.  *the base speed is 6.0, you can change it to 5.0 if you'd like and make adjustments accordingly*

Interval Workout for the Tread Mill

Cool Down


The Full Body Builder  workout is only 15 minutes long! ( WIN)  You'll be using a interval timer and an exercise mat. Set your Interval Timer for two intervals. The first interval will be for 30 seconds and the second interval will be your rest interval , and you'll set that for 10 seconds. Set it for 11 rounds. You'll be doing these exercises one after another once you've completed all the exercises on the chart that will be one circuit, you'll be  performing a total of  3 circuits. *If you don't have an interval timer you can use a stop watch or just watch the clock.  Here is the Breakdown, there will be video's on how to perform the exercises! Enjoy!

Full Body Builder
Pushups (modified is okay ) 30 seconds
Rest10 seconds
Squat Jumps ( regular squats are okay)30 seconds
Rest10 seconds
Mountain Climbers30 seconds
Rest10 seconds
Plank Hold30 seconds
Rest10 seconds
Side Plank Hold (right)30 seconds
Rest10 seconds
Side Plank Hold (left)30 seconds
Rest10 seconds
Lunges with core twist 30 seconds
Rest 10 seconds
Burpee’s (modified is okay)30 seconds
Rest10 seconds
Bicycle Crunches 30 seconds
Rest10 seconds
Push Planks30 seconds

Rest10 seconds

Squat Jumps 

Mountain Climbers

Plank Hold

Side Plank Hold

Lunges w/ core twist


Bicycle Crunches

Push Planks

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