Friday, September 30, 2011

Got 15 minutes?

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 Got 15 minutes? GOOD! That's all you'll need to complete this time challenge! I'm switching it up, I'm doing new things, and , venturing out a bit; all because I don't want you guys to get bored.  Change is good right?  Instead of giving you a list of exercises to complete, in your own time. I'm giving you 15 minutes to complete as many rounds of 3 exercises as  you can.   I understand that people are of different levels of ability, so I included a beginner friendly circuit, so no excuses!  All I ask is that you just do your best and report back.  So pick your level, and  get right into it!  These are going to be simple exercises, but don't let that fool  you,  you'll get a good workout in! I think this time challenge will be the perfect compliment on the days that you do your longer cardio.

 All you need is an exercise mat, and a timer. I want you to set it for 15 minutes, when you're ready to begin, start the timer. Complete the exercises one after another,  for 1 round.  Complete as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes!  I'll include video's on the Quick Squats, Burpee's and Split Squats after the break! Make sure you post how many rounds you were able to complete on the fit chick page. Enjoy :)


Push ups 5
Quick Squats10
Jumping Jacks15


Pushups 10
Split Squats10 (per leg)


Quick Squats


Split Squats

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