Monday, October 10, 2011

Living the Dream.

My dream last night:  On a brisk autumn morning I was taking a walk with my husband through central park ( I actually live in Texas) I had on some skinny jeans, some Loubotin's, a cream colored tank and a fierce navy blue blazer, complete with a super cute clutch, a chunky ring, and pearls. All of a sudden, I saw a hill!  I ripped off my clothes to reveal a sexy workout ensemble. I still had on my pearls! (lol)  I ran up a hill like a gazelle, with long strides, calves and quads bulging looking strong and graceful like Florence Joyner. I got to the top of the hill and not a hair was out of place. My makeup: FLAWLESS! My perky full breasts were heaving and damn near spilling out of my super sexy Nike sports bra, running up that hill was strenuous work! With a smirk on my lips and a determined arch in my brow, I  dropped down did 10 pushups... rolled over- BAM- did 10 leg raises, rolled over- POW- did 10 burpee's. Got back up looking--  yes you guessed it... FLAWLESS! I trotted down the hill like a unicorn, my husband looked at me in awe , dropped to his knees to worship me cause I was his GODDESS! I looked down on my husband, and with a  perfectly manicured finger I tilted his chin  upward and said with the sexiest angelina jolie voice ever " worship me later, I have work to do."  I then repeated it 5 more times!  Three things I got from this dream: 1.) I'm obsessed with fitness cause burpees stalk me in my sleep, GOD I loathe burpee's!   2.) I'm delusional, my breast haven't been perky since 1999 and 3 kids ago.   3.) this is a kick ass workout!  OMG! I woke up and with a fire under my butt,  and I kid you not, with one finger in the air I yelled out eureka!  I haven't tried this workout yet, so this is blind faith! As soon as I hit publish button for this blog posting, I am on my way to do it.  I have the perfect hill to implement this workout it's located on a military base! It's a majorly steep hill! Woot!! I'm ready!  If you don't have a hill, you can do mountain climbers, run up some stairs, or use a treadmill. There are video's on Leg raises, and burpee's down below.

Recap of what you do :

  • Run uphill  ( if you are doing mountain climbers do it for 45 seconds) ( Treadmill: 1 minute on a incline)
  • Pushups  10 reps  Roll over
  • Leg raises  10 reps  Roll over
  • Burpees  10 reps  
  • Repeat ___ x's  Rest in between sets!

*I'm doing it 5 times to start with ,depending on how my body feels' I'll do more, remember this is blind faith, we're all experimenting together.. try it out and let me know how many circuits you were able to complete*

Leg Raises


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