Friday, October 7, 2011

The Lady Spartan (Time Challenge)

Our sister in fitness Get-Fit-Naturally, posts some pretty awesome workouts. I've done a few and let me tell you, they kick your butt. ( in a good way) ;)   So I'm drawing inspiration from Get-Fit-Naturally, and I'm Sprinkling a little fit chick on it, I'm stirring it up.. and what came out the oven is "THE LADY SPARTAN." oorah!  This is going to be 300 reps, you know like the movie 300? When I think about that movie, I think about abs.. lol and a few other things (hubba hubba).  So this is going to be a cardio and abs time challenge. When your done with this time challenge, you MUST  yell " THIS IS SPARTA!" and then kick an imaginary Persian into a lion filled pit.  Okay?! lol  Seriously you don't have to, but I strongly advise it!

Now what you're going to do is Start you stop watch when you're ready to begin, then stop it when you're done. After that record your time, and post it on the fit chick facebook page. It's not a competition between the other fit chicks, it's a competition with yourself.  After a month or so I want you to go back and do it again, and try to beat your previous time! There will be video's on how to perform each exercise after the break down. Enjoy! Give it your all lady spartan! ;)

Mountain Climbers30
Leg raises30
Squat Jumps30
Bicycle Crunches30
Jumping Jacks30
Reverse Crunch30
Mason Twists30
Samurai Squat Switches30
Yell “This Is Sparta!” And you’re done! *smiles*
Mountain Climbers

Leg Raises

Squat Jumps

Bicycle Crunches

Reverse Crunch


Mason Twist

Samurai Squat Switches

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