Friday, October 21, 2011

KickBoxing Time Challenge

Friday! Yes!! TGIF! I'm so excited about this week ending. Alot of you had a tough week, so did I.  It must be something in the air. I've had this feeling of being fed up. I don't know why I'm so angry, I just want to scream! So I'm channeling my aggressive feelings, with some punching and kicking! Kickboxing time challenge anyone? Anyone?.... Oh yeah! Let's kick some imaginary butt today! I want you to imagine someone you really want to punch in the face, someone who gets under your skin,  ex boyfriend, baby daddy, crazy co-worker, psycho boss, or just a random douche bag that may have cut you off in traffic this week?  That happened to me on Wednesday, and I have a mental APB out for a red Datsun pickup truck with a don't mess with Texas bumper sticker on the rear fender. I didn't get the whole license plate but I got the last 2 digits, when I see him he has a mean fist shaking coming his way, until then I'll imagine him and his dusty truck while I'm punching and kicking my aggression away!   First thing, please warm up before you do this workout, I'll post a warm up video for you!  Next perform these moves with power, and ferocity, remember: we're kicking ass today! Now Get your stop watch and jump right into it! Enjoy! Post your time on the  FitChick Facebook Page.
                                                             WARM UP
Reverse Lunge Kickups 25 per leg
front kick w/ jumping jack 50 reps alternating
Jab/ Uppercut combo 50 alternating
Front kick back Kick 50 alternating
Knee Strikes 50 per leg
Jab/ Cross/ Uppercut/ duck 50 alternating
Low to High Side Kicks 25 per leg
Squat to Upper Cut 50 reps per arm 
1-2 punch  Kick50 reps alternating

  Reverse Lunge Kickups

Front Kick with Jumping Jack

Jab Uppercut Combo

Fronk Kick/ Back Kick

Knee Strikes

Jab/Cross/Upppercut/Duck/Uppercut  combo

Low to High Side Kicks

Squat to Uppercut

1-2 punch / Kick

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