Sunday, July 15, 2012

Feel it in your Core

Whatsup!!  I have a new ab workout for you- and we have a cool exercise to try out it's  called a burpee back extension. I saw a fitness instructor do this move yesterday,  so I just had to give it a try in one of my own workouts! So, do me a favor? After you're finished with this workout please let me know how you liked the bupee/back extensions. Tell me if we should keep it or delete it!

ALRIGHT!! Let's get to to it! This workout is to be performed for 5 rounds  all you'll need is an exercise mat.  As always there will be videos after the breakdown.

The workout

Crab touches 10 reps

Burpee Back Extensions 5 reps

Side plank elbow to knee 10 reps per side

Burpee Back Extensions 5 reps

Leg Lift/Star Crunch/Butt Lift  10 reps

How to perform exercises

crab touches

Burpee with Back Extension

Side Plank with elbow to knee

Leg lift/star crunch/butt lift  *the exercise is shown at the 37 second foward to that

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