Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sexy Abs Workout

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This workout has no cardio! yipee! It's all ab building, and core strengthening. It's a perfect routine to do after weight training or a nice run.  All you need is a exercise mat or a surface that supports your back comfortably- you can add ankle weights or hand weights if you choose.  This workout is to be performed 3 times through. Unless you are brand spanking new- in that case do it one time through.

Some tips:

1. Don't hold your breath

2 tighten your core, pull your belly button toward your spine

3.  Beginners should start with one set of each exercise. But after a couple of weeks, a second set should be added

4.To perform crunches, lie flat on the floor or other flat surface. It helps to use some kind of padding, such as an exercise mat, if one is lying on a hard floor. Bend the knees and bring the feet towards the hips forming about a 45-degree bend.

The feet should remain flat on the floor throughout the movement. The feet should be about shoulder width apart.
Some recommend locking the fingers behind the head. However, when this is done, there is a tendency to pull up with the arms. Such an action should be avoided. So to prevent his, it would be better to place the hands on the sides of the head.

Keeping the lower back on the floor and the head in a neutral position, slowly raise the shoulders off of the ground. Do not bend the head towards the chest. The head should remain in a straight line with the body. As the shoulders are raised, the pelvis should flatten so that there is no arch in the back. The entire movement is only of a few inches. Going up any higher would involve the hip flexor muscles. Exhale as the shoulders are raised.

Lower the shoulders back to the ground in a slow, controlled manner. Inhale during the downward movement.

5. Inhale at the top of you ab exercise Exhale when you go back to the starting position.

Sexy ab workout:

Bridge Leg Lifts 10 reps per leg 

Plank Hold 30 seconds (beginner)  45 seconds ( intermediate) 60 seconds (advanced)

Pike Crunch 20 reps

Plank Hold 30 seconds/45 seconds/ 60 seconds

Russian Twists 20 reps

Left Side Plank Hold  30 seconds/45seconds/60 seconds

Bicycle Crunch 20 reps

Right Side Plank Hold 30 seconds/45seconds/60 seconds

How to Videos:

Please watch these videos!! They show proper form and technique, if any of these videos aren't clear please let me know. If any of these videos don't show a modified version and you need one please let me know! Lastly, do NOT start any workout on this blog without consent from your doctor- I worry! ;)  

Bridge Leg Lifts

Plank Hold

Pike Crunch

Side Plank Hold

Russian Twists

Bicycle Crunch

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