Sunday, July 15, 2012

Full Body Fat Blast

Hey family!! I have some more burpees to show you! *ha-ha*   If you are on Team Fit Chick, I'm sure you hate me by now! Week III has been filled with burpees! Sorry folks!  You will be working your whole body with this workout!  I feel that this is the perfect vacation workout! It will not monopolize your day, it will work your whole body, you don't need equipment( you don't have to use weights for the side bends) and its cardio and strength.  So ,the next time you take a vacation don't forget to pack this workout!

Let's get to it! This workout is to performed for 5 rounds, you will do this workout in circuit format meaning- one exercise after another  all you will need is a weight or a kettle bell, and an exercise mat and some water on stand by. Take breaks between rounds 1-2 minutes is fine! 

The Workout

Dive Bombers 10 reps (Modified version shown on the video)

Power Jacks 10 reps ( If you are a beginner just do jumping jacks)

Side Bends 10 reps per side

Reptile Burpee 10 reps (Spiderman planks for beginners)

How to perform the workout:

Dive Bombers (modified and advanced shown)

Power Jacks

Side Bends with a Kettle Bell
Reptile Burpee

Spider Man Planks


  1. Can this be a daily workout that my body won't get used to in a month? Do you recommend it daily or every other day, regardless of muscle fatigue (though I think these body workouts are great for building stamina!)?