Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tank Top Arms

Here's a quick and effective workout!  This workout is great alone especially if you're short on time, or it can be done before your cardio for an extra umph to your calorie burn. 

You don't have to keep this workout in doors it's nice out, why not take it outside. Try it at  your local park. All you will need is a park bench and your weights.  When you're done go ahead and add the cherry on top ( a light trot around the park).


This workout will be apart of TFC's week III challenge so if you are in TFC please get familiar! ;)   


1.With high reps, please pick a light weight. So for the shoulder press pick your "light"

2. Mind your form, I will put videos on how to perform these exercises at the end of the breakdown

3. Sip water when you need it.

4. Take breaks when you need it.

5. Engage your core throughout this workout, pull your bellybutton towards your spine.

6. Breathe! In through your nose out through your mouth

7. Do your best!

 ***Please watch this video on proper breathing techniques***

The workout advanced:

5 rounds

Pushups with alternating leg lifts  10 reps (5 per leg)

Jump Rope/High Knees  2 minutes

Tricep dips 10 reps

Squat to Shoulder Press 10 reps 

Jump Rope/ High Knees 2 minutes

The workout beginner:


5 rounds

Pushups (modified) 10 reps

Jumping Jacks 1 minute

Tricep dips (modified)  5reps

Shoulder Press  5 reps

Jumping Jacks 1 minute



How to videos advanced:

Push ups with alternating leg lifts                                                                           

Tricep Bench Dips

Squat to Shoulder Press

How to videos beginner:

modified push ups

modified tricep bench dips

shoulder press

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